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Video of a woman not impressed with the restaurant her man took her to

A mans attempt o impress his lady with dinner at a fancy restaurant has gone horribly wrong.

In the video, the lady is sitting staring at him, while she is served a cake. While everyone else is clapping and cheering him on, she sits with a bored look on her face. Suddenly she gets up, and throws cake in his face.

Their friends were shocked and gasped out loud as she walks off in a huff, cursing at him.

Check it out below. Are women ungrateful for any small effort her man does?




Reactions from social media suggest she is ungrateful, despite having a hard-working man.

Jibzz…Never hit thelady, but you can kick the chair
Stunna…She’s very ungrateful
Kuda C…But why, eish‍♀️
AyeMojuba, GCFR….What a misfortune. All because of those tiny things.

Martins…He dodged a bullet…trust me

Rumpelstiltskin 🧟‍♂️…..She really wanted him to hit her
Then it’s all court cases onwards .

Yeencarh….Womem aren’t scum. If there was nothing before that, then it’s “she” that’s scum. There are still great lovely women out there


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