Crazy video of male and female Nigerian pastors fighting for preaching spot emerges

Religion in Nigeria is bog business, bringing nearly as much money as the corrupt kakistocracy that the country has. A recent video that has emanated from the country shows how valuable a preaching engagement can be.

In the video that was shared on Instagram by @lindaikejiblogofficial, two pastors can be seen fighting over a preaching spot in the Ikeja area of Lagos state in Nigeria.

The male and female preacher were engaged in a physical altercation in a bid to claim ownership of the spot. The male pastor used verbal warfare to fight with the lady pastor at first, but the female pastor was on a different level and instead engaged using physical means, unlike her rival.

As the female pastor became more aggressive with him, the male preacher bound and cast every demon that may have sent her to him.

Later on in the video, the female pastor can be seen going into her own spiritual battle as she could be seen kneeling and praying against the male cleric.

To say that onlookers who witnessed the spectacle were shocked would be an understatement. Check out the video below:

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