Victoria Rubadiri Speaks Out After Being Trolled For Addressing CYBER BULLYING Which Led To The DEATH Of a Young Girl

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait recently revealed the pain and heartbreak he went through from nasty comments on social media after he debuted his song Yesu Ndiye Sponsor back in 2016.

The Kenyan artiste confessed that the cyber bullying that came with the release of the song made him very disappointed with some Kenyan fans and more so for being trolled for his funny songs titles.

‘One Song Made Them Think I’m Trash,’ Jimmy Gait Weeps Uncontrollably On Live TV, Claims Kenyans Are Ungrateful

During the interview on The Trend with Anita Nderu, Jimmy Gait broke down as he explained the insensitive comments and feedback he got from his fans, saying that he felt like trash.

This comes in the wake of another cyberbullying report where a lady by the name, Brenda Akinyi, took her life because she couldn’t stand the humiliation and ridicule she got after seeking help online.


Brenda, who committed suicide by throwing herself into oncoming traffic on Waiyaki Way, had gone through a series of disappointing life incidences that saw her little one defiled and not getting any justice from the police, who even took advantage of her.

This news shocked everyone with celebrities taking to social media to urge Kenyans to stop cyber bullying.

One of those celebrities who was saddened by the news was media personality Victoria Rubadiri, who decided to give her voice on this matter on her show, but this got out of hand when some people trolled her for talking about the sad topic.


Rubadiri then went online to share her disappointment for those who actually attack people fighting cyber bullying:

Ah the irony, you get trolled for having a convo on cyberbullying. Just a mention of the word and folk go ham. Like playing fetch.

Ironically, one of the people to troll her was Robert Alai, telling her to get her facts rights as a journalist. Check out the tweet below.


Here are more comments from the tweet.

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