Vices that most campus students get lured into

These are some of the vices that students adopt once they join campus. After all, they find a different kind of lifestyle from the one they are used to.

Dress code

Most dress codes of the students tend to change. This is mostly done by a way of copying what they see other students wearing which is different from theirs. Some of these students come from well brought up families but live two different kinds of life. Parents may not be actually aware of this because the children they see at home and the ones that they send to school are two very different people. When at home they will be at their best behaviour but when they go back to school, they unleash their wild side.

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Drug abuse

This is mostly done to peer pressure. They will see others doing the same hence they would not want to be seen as outcasts. They will always want to be on the same level as others so as to dine at the same table.


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When you get to campus you get to learn new things and this is one of them. Many young youths tend to engage themselves without any knowledge on what they are getting themselves into. At times when with friends one can notice that all of them are in relationships. They finally get into relationships without any knowledge and some end up being parents at an earlier age or even contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

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