Vibes men pull that turns ladies off while approaching them

When a guy approaches a lady, the first impression that he makes will determine the answer he gets. At times there are some moves that a guy can make that can completely turn off someone.

Tokeo la picha la lady rejecting a man approaching her

These are some of the moves that can make one lose interest;

Intimacy on the first day. This will create a bad impression of you and your intentions towards her. Someone may actually think you have bad intentions towards them.

Everything good takes time. You should behave at your best because you are trying to win someone’s love. This also involves baby calling her yet she has not even said yes to your proposal.

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There are some guys who want to meet you today and have sex with you the next minute. This will make you a f*ck boy to that particular lady you trying to win.

However, you find the lady attractive it is not right to go that direction. This is because no one wants to be associated with a fuck boy.

The lady may be wanting to settle down with you but one you pull that kind of behaviour then you will lose the chance.

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Asking for pictures from them all the time

Moreso especially if you ask for nudes. Ladies like the kind of men that have some respect for them at all costs.

When you ask for nudes yet you just met it shows how disrespectful you are to that person. It is not wrong to ask for snaps from a person you admire.

It should be done willingly or when your bond has been well created and she feels comfortable with you.

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Asking too many questions. This is the most irritating thing that upsets most ladies. When you have met someone avoids asking too many questions about them.

They may actually think that you are interrogating them. They may either answer you wrongly or not answer at all.

Once you have known the name its good for the start and all other things will be clear to you as time goes by.

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