Vera with her new man

Vera unhappy with naysayers predicting her relationship will end bitterly

Vera Sidika is frothing at the mouth at the moment. Her reason? That people keep insisting that her new relationship with her new Tanzanian lover will not last and that their romance will have a bitter, dramatic fallout.

Miss Sidika who is nearing the 3rd floor claimed she has grown into a happier woman since her publicised breakup with Otile Brown. She revealed all of this sentiment in an Instagram post yesterday. She said that she is fed up with people expecting the worst for her relationship.

Vera with her new man
The socialite with her new man

She wrote;

The same people claiming they are waiting for breakup drama are the same who said they were waiting for breakup drama with Senegalese guy. But they never saw it. Just because it happened before does not mean it is a pattern.

Vera in red
Vera in red

The socialite even added that a lot had happened behind the scenes between Otile and her ended their relationship.

Vera's screenshot
Vera’s screenshot

The socialite explained she had her reasons for her actions during the infamous 2018 breakup and is not willing to go back to her old ways.

While I understand Vera’s frustrations with the trolls and observers, I see where they are coming. Miss Sidika has a very storied relationship past having dated many many men.

Vera and her new man
Vera and her new man

Otile was one of the few that she dated for a long time and people expected her to go the distance with him but that was not to be.

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