Vera Sidika’s latest money move takes fans by surprise



Socialite Vera Sidika has shared an Instagram ad, that she insists isn’t a struggle she has had to face in life.

She wrote

Sometimes women like to spice up their se3ual relationships and explore in the bedroom. This is where @omosholas_place comes in with their royal honey syrup. Make sure you follow them on IG @omosholas_place and check out their website ❤️

Vera is promoting feminine products that she says many women need urgently as they exchange fluids with men.

She added

‘There are some women who actually have a problem. I don’t have a problem though, anyway’

This comes weeks after launching her adult only fans page,

Vera Sidika in her Range Rover
Vera Sidika in her Range Rover

The model had been pushing the page, which is typically associated with provocative content.

She also relaunched her slimming tea products recently as another hustle to survive these harsh times of covid 19.

Critics and fans alike were quick to comment about her latest venture.

Vera Sidika in her Range Rover
Vera Sidika in her Range Rover

Another Kenyan socilaite who is reinventing herself in isolation is Huddah, who has an Only fans page, where she charges people to view her salacious content.

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