Vera Sidika in black

Lockdown for who?! Vera Sidika poses as she attends party at 1 a.m

Vera Sidika has admitted that she was bored and hungry for some much-needed drama. This after the 29-year-old left social media users shocked when she disclosed that she flouted curfew restrictions to attend a house party.

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In a video that has since gone viral, the socialite recorded her whole escapade and laughed as she and her underdressed friend got into the car and headed out to a pal’s home past 10 pm.

“Going out for a little party. When you can drive whenever, lockdown for who?” Vera quipped. Miss Sidika even joked that she was among the few lucky people allowed to drive around the quiet city while other Kenyans remained home observing curfew rules.

Vera Sidika in black
Vera Sidika in black

When the socialite and her partner arrived at their friend’s residence and were greeted by a table full of assorted drinks and music blasting throughout the night. The entrepreneur was excited and screamed at the top of her lungs as she downed her liquor and enjoyed some company.

The socialite teased that that was just a warm-up and the crew was headed to another party in another location. To the socialite, it was business as usual and COVID-19 was not about to put a stop to that.

Vera Sidika posing
Vera Sidika posing

Angry netizens across social media bashed the 29-year-old calling her an attention-seeking socialite who wanted to use rebellion to stay relevant. They wondered why she chose to put people’s lives in danger just to prove a point.

Upon learning that people were criticizing her actions, Vera decided to defend herself, stating that she enjoys the attention people give her.

“Gave haters something to write about while in y’all bedsitter with 20 other roommates. One thing y’all don’t know is that I enjoy this shit. I get so damn wet when you all write about me. Negative or positive, I dwell on that shit…more talk, more money for me” added Vera Sidika.

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