‘Amenitumia akanitema’ Vera Sidika cries foul after being dumped by Otile Brown

Vera Sidika has officialy announced that she and Otile Brown are no longer dating ,this comes almost a month after too much speculation about the two breaking up.

She took to her social media platform to write a long detailed letter on why their relationship could not work out with the highlight being that the guy duped her into believing he was in love with her .

she wrote

“Otile Brown and I are no longer in a relationship. I know it’s not important but since social media was involved it’s good to just speak my mind about it here.

To avoid y’all tagging me on posts, sending me videos and all that stuff. I’m human. And just like every human. I have feelings, I experience all emotions. I cry. I laugh. I get happy. I get sad. Feel free to judge.

Feel free to share this post with your friends & gossip about it, feel free to Mock my situation. It’s okay, I’m human and I’m gonna be true to myself.”

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

In a long letter, she explained to her fans why she had to call it quits with the once ‘love of her life’.Vera revealed

“I loved him whole heatedly thinking he was in this relationship out of love he portrayed but I guess I was wrong. I would never involve someone’s heart if I need something from them. we are adults and can always come to mutual agreements it we need help here and there.” 

‘Is this your way of stopping me from getting a child to grow without a father’? Vera Sidika sadly asks after Otile Brown dumps her

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Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Vera explains that Otile dumped her after his music video, Baby Love was released,stating that she simply stopped loving her after their vacay together in Mauritius.

She said

 “Imagine after 3 years of turning down video offers that were paying well cause I stopped being a video vixen. I went out of my way to do it for him. Out of love.”Then 5 days after the video, he says he doesn’t love me. It is just funny. I asked, ‘Oh since when?’ He says, ‘Since Mauritius.’.”

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Vera Sidika

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