‘I am a University drop out’ Vera opens up about dropping out of school over financial struggles

Vera Sidika is not new in the entertainment industry but not many know about her personal life beside what she posts on social media.

In an interview heard by Classic 105, she opened up on a few things that people do not know about her.

On her childhood she says that she has never lacked anything.

“My life was average given that my parents gave me the best I never lacked ,they supported me alot because I loved drawing and painting .

I even won trophies for the same, My parents ensured that I went to schools that offered art classes.

I studied up to University but I was not able to clear School because of lack of School fees.”

Vera Sidika

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Vera has on many occasions been trolled for one reason or the other but she has had to grow a tough skin.

“I love trolls because most of the time most of the people love to hate ,They do not troll me because they hate me.

They get excitement when they post something and get lots of likes,they enjoy the attention because I have a lot of followers and chances are the trolls have very few followers

When I was a few months into fame it was crazy I would even cry after people started saying I was positive,but with time I grew a tough skin.

Nowadays when people go silent I wonder what is happening.”

On her relationship with her family and her loved ones Vera adds;

“I am the only girl and my relationship with my family is my family,we are three kids and we are a close knight family.”

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