Ati Who? Vera says when asked about ex-boyfriend OB

Alls fair love and war, something that Otile Brown knows all too well after his disastrous relationship with socialite Vera Sidika.

The relationship ended with as much smoke as it started with Otile being burnt by the scorched earth method that Miss Sidika used to tarnish his name afterward.

And it seems that she might not be done inflicting pain on the “Dusuma” crooner. In a recent Q&A session via her Insta-stories, a curious fan asked Vera whether she still had feelings for ‘OB’ a short term used to describe her ex’s name, Otile Brown.

“Do you still have feelings for o.b sometimes?” asked the fan.

Miss Sidika who is now married to Brown Mauzo, played the dullard insisting that she didn’t know who OB was. “Well, I don’t know who ob is but I only have feelings for my hubby.”

Ouch! I don’t know which is worse; Your ex remembering you as a bad relationship or them completely forgetting you? Only Otile might have an answer to that question.

I should have left my ex sooner – Vera Sidika confesses as she defends Brown Mauzo again

Whatever the case, the two have since moved on from that calamitous relationship. Otile has been dating Ethiopian beauty Nabayet for the past 3 years and their relationship seems to be firing on all cylinders.

Otile Brown with Nabayet in Addis Ababa
Otile Brown with Nabayet in Addis Ababa

The question is when the two will cross the final frontier and tie the knot. Meanwhile, Vera also seems to be in a good place with her new hubby Brown.

The two have what can best be described as a boring marriage at the moment-oddly the best description for a possible long-lasting marriage.

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