‘I love you’ Vera Sidika tells bae Otile Brown after releasing new jam

Otile Brown’s latest song ‘Baby Love’ has set tongues wagging after many speculated that the artiste had been dumped by his socialite bae Vera Sidika.

The two have been in a relationship for the last few months, but suddenly deleted photos of each other on social media, leading to specualyion they had broken up.

Otile wrote a heartbreaking message to Vera after their ‘breakup’, and now has released a new song.

The cover of the song

Vera Sidika is the video vixen in this latest video that also feels like a dedication to the curvaceous damsel. She took to her Instagram to celebrate her bae with this beautiful message.

“When bae sings for you and it melts your heart (literally🤣)
I love you baby @otilebrown ❤️ you’re the best and OMG your voice! I know I say this all the time but damn papi!!!!Just Can’t get enough 😍 …you’re one special, talented human ❤️”

Here is the video of ‘Baby Love’

We all have to agree that the couple fooled us from the comments below fans are impressed with the song.
gieldy_montana35…….Daaamn, its on so hivi ndo mlitucheza mkaenda kupika hii kitu ya baby love huh..

agnes.kabitauGod bless and protect this couple

andrewmarline…Can’t get enough of this song…power couple.. Fireeeeee

amblonzi…Hamtatusumbua hivi. mnajua venye kutayarisha akili ikubali eti mko pamoja tena ni kazi ngumu? muamue kitu moja.

chrisleeamba…loI new it Oooh Oooh tumekosana kumbe Kuna kitu.

karanjanewton…I thought waliachana….aki hawa ni ma Kimkadarshians wa Kenya. Next time I am not boarding

mikembatha589….He never stops to suprise me with a good song, the video quality, the vocals, the beat..

faifaithjoseph…I am already loving this song
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