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Vera Sidika and Burna Boy together? Pair spotted at same location in L.A

Anything Vera Sidika does is normally scrutinized keenly by Kenyans, even CIA would be impressed. The socialite, who hasn’t been seen with her recent beau, Jimmy Chansa has been enjoying herself in LA, doing what exactly?

Vera with Jimmy Chansa
Vera with Jimmy Chansa

Doing Vera things. Posing and taking photos of herself in different places; photos that will still get thousands and thousands of likes! This generation!

Otile Brown claims Vera Sidika made the first flirty move Vera to seduce him

So recently Miss Sidika posted a photo of herself at a shooting range.  Vera shared the photos and videos on her Instagram as she tested her ability with a firearm.

Vera Sidika at the gun range
Miss Sidika at the gun range

The reason I call Kenyans the new CSI, is what they were able to uncover on Burna Boy’s Instagram page. His page revealed that the Nigerian star had posted videos that suggested like he was in a similar location testing his shooting abilities too.

This led many to speculate that the two might have been together with eagle-eyed fans noticing that even the booth was similar and that they decided to post the videos at different times, which seemed to have been a choreographed move.

This story is eerily similar to Huddah and Tanzanian singer Juma Jux who recently denied that they were vacationing together in Zanzibar lat last month, despite a lot of photographic and video evidence to the contrary.

Huddah and Juma Jux dating
Huddah and Juma Jux dating

Two socialites being spotted in close proximity to two very well-known musicians at the same time and in the same area! Coincidence. You be the judge.

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