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Huddah loves beefing! Vera says about their contentious past

Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have always had a silent intensity between them even during periods when they have a detente’. The reason for that is the claim to who is Kenya’s biggest socialite?

That question might split many Kenyans the same way that the Ronaldo vs Messi comparison normally does, depends on who you ask?

Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls

The two have been careful not to attack each other recently with each focusing on their burgeoning businesses. Recently in an interview with Wasafi FM, the voluptuous vixen claimed Huddah always tries to ruffle her feathers even when she is minding her own business.

Huddah with long hair
Huddah with long hair

She also claimed that it was Huddah who had a penchant for beefing, ‘Personally, I do not have a problem with her. I once tried to approach her with a business idea but she turned it down. You know people are different,” Miss Sidika said.

Huddah Monroe disses Vera Sidika’s Range Rover :’Mine is more expensive’

She also shocked her listeners when she said that the last time that she had seen Huddah was 6 years ago, not bumping into each other despite the two travelling a lot.

Vera seating on the countertop
Vera seating on the countertop

Miss Sidika was also very forward-thinking and said that she didn’t despise her petite nemesis and hopes that one day the bad blood between them will fizzle away.

Huddah posing on the bed
Huddah posing on the bed

The two have been involved in explosive online altercations to a point they nearly met up with the intention of squaring it up. Huddah even once claimed Vera was a walking, talking bag of diseases which included HIV/AIDS which Vera strenuously denied.

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