Vera Sidika and Willy Paul poke fun at KOT with this photo

Willy Paul has gotten to a point nothing can stop him. He does as he pleases.

It started with guys calling him out for exiting the gospel life and joining the secular world yet still retaining the title of a gospel artiste.

He cared for a bit, but with time he decided to do what makes him happy and being termed as ‘Bwana Mkunaji’ makes him very happy.

Willy Paul and Nandy stirred up a lot of conversation after releasing two very seductive songs. The latest, Halleluja, exposed him as Nandy’s lover but he spoke to thsi writer in a previous interview where he said they have a brother-sister relationship.

we have a brother-sister relationship

I don’t know about you but catch me dead jumping on my brother like the picture above.

We woke up to a new story today after he posed for a picture with Vera Sidika leaning on his new white Mercedes. Vera has a liking for white cars. Her Range Rover is white, the car she apparently bought for Otile Brown is a white Mercedes and in her music video, her ‘man’ owns a white Mercedes.

In the picture, she commented saying:

Bwana Mkunaji 😂

The comment woke up all the Instagram in-laws and counselors. Most of them were warning Willy Paul against Vera as she is known to expose the worst of people after a feud.

One Sammie even mentioned that he is too young for Vera saying

Isn’t this child labor?

Here are some of the comments:

Asma: I am not against the two fo you because I know if the two of you decide to work on a collabo, it will be a hit.

Ofwa: They do anything for clout😹

Omina: Willy take care or you will be among those who were exposed for having toothpicks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Shack: Willy Paul I love what am seeing of late….always follow your heart coz haters will always be there. The new king of love songs. Big up

If it is a song coming up, we will not be surprised but if they are set to date, well that will be a surprise.

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