Vera Sidika

‘Fake love!’ Kenyans tell Vera Sidika about her new relationship

Vera Sidika knows how to play the publicity game. The socialite will either invent a boyfriend or do something extra with her body to keep herself in the limelight.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika darkened her skin recently

Yesterday, the socialite wrote a wonderful message for her new man on her Instagram page. It read;

Nobody has ever loved me like you do 😩😩😩You’re My Best Friend. Lover. Partner in Crime. Hommie. Better half. Confidant. The Missing Piece to my puzzle …the list is endless. You make me so complete. 
Nakupenda sana ❤️🇹🇿❤️🇰🇪❤️

Vera with her new man
The socialite with her new man

This message is oddly reminiscent of the messages she used to send Otile Brown’s way when they were still dating. The two, however, had a bitter split soon afterwards that has some of her followers seeing the same pattern being repeated in her new relationship.

‘Shikwekwe didn’t have to go that low’ Fans blast Vera Sidika for airing Otile Brown’s ‘wanting’ bedroom skills in public

Some fans are wary about the similarities and have warned her to avoid speaking badly about the doctor. One user stated: Then you will later expose him for having a small member.

Vera and her new man
Vera and her new man

Some other comments from her followers are below;

warui.mercy Mtaachana tu😂😂😂,then muanikane.
sultan_el_propella Alafu ukuje umwanikee ako na kibamiyaa😂😂😂
khalid.khabbaya The longer the caption the faker the love 😂😂🤪
samanthahills518 @khalid.khabbaya does she really kip men?
ruthnyaudo @khalid.khabbaya aki tumechoshwa hapa na fake love nkt
ugegbe_nwanyi You said this the last time
justlovely07 There’s some things that need to be kept in secret .. especially love life. But you’ll learn my dear.

Are her followers onto something about social media usage affecting a relationship? They are; In fact, one survey study with 205 Facebook users demonstrated that a higher level of Facebook usage was associated with negative relationship outcomes (Clayton, Nagurney, & Smith, 2013).

Vera with her new man
The socialite with her new man

In addition, those relationships experienced Facebook-related conflict (Clayton, et al., 2013). Facebook usage has also been linked to increased feelings of jealousy.

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