Vera with Jimmy Chansa

Vera defends dark skin after being told she wouldn’t make cute babies

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika unleashed an angry rant on her Instagram page. Vera was unhappy with fans on social media who claimed that she wouldn’t have cute babies.

Vera and her lover, Jimmy
Vera and her lover, Jimmy

This was in connection to a photo she had posted posing with her Tanzanian lover, Jimmy Chansa.

‘We definitely gonna make one hella cute baby,’ wrote Vera. But not all her fans and followers were in agreement saying that her sentiments were not true.

The socialite with her boyfriend
Vera with her Tanzanian man

According to some of the comments, most people reminded her of her colour saying she was dark because all she did was bleach her skin. Her rant is below;

‘Does this mean Dark skin is ugly? Cause I don’t understand why everyone coming at me as if I said “we gonna make hella white babies” smh. If y’all definition of beauty relies on color and complexion then y’all modafakaz are rotten hypocrites 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 FYI; I DIDN’T CHANGE MINE COZ I WASN’T BEAUTIFUL! I GOT FAME & MONEY AS DARK SKIN MEANING I WAS HELLA FINE!!! AND POPPING!!!! I CHANGED COZ I WANTED CHANGE. PERSONAL DECISION. IF I WANTED TO CHANGE COZ IM NOT BEAUTIFUL I WOULD FIX MY NOSE EARS EYES LIPS CHEECKBONES!!!! BEAUTY IS IN THE FEATURES NOT COLOR!’

Vera and Jimmy Chansa posing
Vera and Jimmy Chansa posing

An angry Miss Sidika also revealed that having money and being famous is what inspired her to change her colour to a lighter complexion.

Vera Sidika rant
Her rant.courtesy/Urbannews254

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