Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

Vanessa Mdee comes clean after pregnancy rumours swirl

Vanessa Mdee broke the internet last week when she went on a revelatory turn with her numerous Instagram fans and followers.

Among some of the secrets the “Me and You” singer dropped about herself was that she had been depressed during her career and had, as a result, turned to alcohol as a salve.

Vanessa Mdee in black and white

As if that wasn’t enough, the musician dropped the bombshell that she would be quitting the music industry for the foreseeable future, saying that it was demonic.

“The reason why I had to leave the industry is because I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truth about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for You,” she said in her podcast Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee.

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

But what would the internet be without rumour-mongering and speculation? Some reports online are indicating that the real reason for her quitting so abruptly was that she was pregnant and expecting her first child with Nigerian-American boyfriend Rotimi.

This has even prompted some of her fans to question her on the claims.

During a live Question and Answer session with her fans on YouTube, Mdee was asked when the baby was due by a section of her fans and she responded saying that she is not yet pregnant.

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi
Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

And Mdee wasn’t taking anything to chance, even showing her flat belly to the fans, just to clear any doubts from the fans who would not believe her.
“Watu wanauliza vipi kuhusu mtoto. No, sina mimba bado. Not yet. But soon,” responded Vanessa Mdee.

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