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Is Vanessa Mdee Gaining Weight? Look At These Sexy Pics!

Vanessa Mdee seems to be making good use of the money she has been earning from her latest album, “Money Mondays”, which was launched here in Nairobi. The “Niroge” singer posted a snap on her Instagram that showed her looking thicker than usual.

The singer has in the past maintained a petite frame, but as time goes by she seems to be following Rihanna’s footsteps. The latter has added weight for a better last year, sparking online conversation about this.

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Vanessa was originally an on air personality and worked with MTV Base for quite some time. In an interview with Pulse Nigeria in 2016, she said that becoming a musician was not really a shift of gears.

“It was never a crossover for me, it was just an extension of what I always did,” Vanessa said. “I have always made music, I have always been in the studio, and I have always written, and I have always been waiting for the right moment.”

Well, she has gone on to shine her way to the top, being nominated for the MTV MAMAs, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Tanzania People’s Choice Awards and many more.


The recent photos show her rocking fitting jeans and her thick thighs popping. Judge for yourself…is she gaining or she is just normal?

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