Valet crashes 40 Million Ferrari as he goes to deliver it to the owner

An Italian garage attendant who managed to crash a 40 Million Ferrari into the front of a shop at high speed hence writing it off.

Roberto Cinti, 38, ended up in hospital after the smash, and was treated more for shock than any physical injury.

The driver was delivering the 599 GTO to its Dutch owners in an area said to be a short distance.

But despite only having to travel a short distance, he smashed into a shop front, virtually destroying that as well.

He says he I got confused and instead of braking, he pressed down on the accelerator.

The 599 GTO is powered by a 670bhp V12 engine and weighs only 1,495kg.

It uses F1 racing technology and will do 208mph and 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds.

Italian newspapers report that the insurance company is probing the incident.

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