Gifts you should NOT buy your partner this valentines lest you are dumped

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we’ve rounded up some of the strangest seasonal gifts you shoulkd not consider buying your partner this valentines.

1.Edible underwear.

If your other half is a meat lover they’re in for a treat this Valentine’s as some grocery stores are selling meat in the shape of a heart.

Apparently meat is quite a popular present choice this year as you can also buy your partner ‘brief’ jerky edible underwear.

2.Slimming pills,skipping rope or workout gear

Another very strange gift is a product called ‘fat girl six pack,’ a tummy toning gel, that promises to get you tight and toned for the big evening.

Women are emotional beings and buying such a gift would make them think that you are indirectly calling them fat.So just to be safe stick to roses,dinner date or a vacation.

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3.Plastic flowers

Plastic flowers should be a thing of the past in this day and age,who even buys such flowers anymore?.Men should not even consider that as a gift for their women.

Women if your man brings you these flowers as a gift just throw them in the bin ASSAP.

4.Black roses

There are many different rose in the market but do not let the temptation to buy black rose hit you because black roses signify death or hatred.

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