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Unwanted guests kept away from Mastermind Tobacco tycoons funeral

Mastermind tobacco CEO Wilfred Murungi was buried in a quiet ceremony attended by only 8 members of his family in Tharaka Nithi.

He has requested that villagers and others keep off the ceremony. A photo of villagers watching the burial from the fence has caught the attention of KOT.

The tycoon billionaire rarely interacted with villagers and his last burial wishes has puzzled many including Classic 105’s Mai a Kageni who somewhat agrees.

Maina’s topic on the morning conversation was about such burials, and he sought to know –

Does it make sense to have this elaborate burial? Is it necessary to have such kind of a funeral? Me by the way if we don’t talk, do not come to my funeral said Maina.

Tokeo la picha la wilfred murungi burial

The most surprising thing was that not even the grave diggers were allowed to attend the session.

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They were asked out then resumed after the body was lowered. The same thing happened when his wife died. That made people to refer to the act as being odd, as they villagers watched the events from the fence of the neighboring school.

Tokeo la picha la wilfred murungi burial

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Listeners reacted with different opinions about this burial request saying that such people have no good intentions to attend the burial hence not necessary for every person to attend your burial.

Other comments were;

Why should we spend much money on people when they are dead than when they are alive? It is better to save that money and use it to help the family he left behind.

That is why I prefer the Muslim burials because there is nothing like people gathering and keeping the body for longer period and much expenses.

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Mimi at my funeral I wont even want my family members to attend. I will just want my sisters and brothers to attend and my friends because they are the ones who will feel it. Other people will just come there to celebrate and say huu ata angekufa tu kitambo.

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