Njambi Koikai

Unsung Hero! Ailing Njambi Koikai praises sister for taking care of her

Njambi Koikai is still in the hospital recuperating after undergoing a successful surgery early this month.

Njambi Koikai


Njambi Koikai has revealed that she has been in a lot of pain for the past few days. She had three tubes put inside her body to help drain out the fluid in her ribs and chest area.

“Hey, fam poleni I’ve been silent for a while. We have been dealing with a lot of pain. As I said earlier, there was fluid hiding in my ribs and chest area aside from the ‘usual’ fluid that normally lurks around my lungs. This meant pushing in another 2 chest tubes. I’ve been having 3 chest tubes in me. The pain is excruciating. It is debilitating and any other adjective you can think of. The size of those two tubes meant that I had to be on a walker at all times even when going to the bathroom or bed. God is GREAT those two huge tubes and boxes were replaced with some tiny bags. Endometriosis had literally created a home in my right lung-chest area,” she wrote in part.


Njambi Koikai

Njambi went ahead to thank her sister for taking care of her and thanked God for giving her another chance to live.

“My sister has been so amazing. She told mum to rest as she takes care of me. She’s fed me, bathed me, prayed with me, walked with me and encouraged me every step of the way, she took nice pics of me lol, she bought me a nice gown to keep me super warm and the cutest sandals because my feet are super swollen beyond an elephant’s thigh. Anyway, my sis is back to work and I love it that they even gave her time off. This pain is not easy to deal with and to see your loved ones have to bear with it can sometimes be crushing. God gave us love. The greatest commandment. If we could all live in pure love, our lives would change.

Njambi Koiakai's family



Share the love of God which is never-ending, unbroken and forever.
Thank God for every blessing. Your breathing lungs, your walking legs, your seeing eyes. Shukuru Mola kwa hayo tu.”

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Glory be to God! Njambi Koikai undergoes successful surgery in USA (photos)

 In a previous post, Njambi Koikai talked about America has been great referring to herself as a miracle child.

“America has been great even though we’ve been bound to hospital walls. I flew in here with my family and God. I keep believing every single day, that I am a miracle child. A miracle child who the devil has tried time and again to snatch from God. So after that long major and excruciating surgery, there was no sleeping. Like right after recovery room, physically therapy started. Can you imagine walking immediately after surgery? Crazy right? I won’t even start on the pain. Then I have what they call a pediatric back, so fixing in an epidural was pain that I cannot again explain. I’ve never been numbed by pain. This pain numbed me. Anyway i have 3 amazing surgeons who have worked on me so far. Right after the major surgery, i was notified that more fluid was found hiding in my ribs..and I asked what that means. Doc was like we need to insert two other tubes to drain out all the fluid. Friends at this point i told God haki surely have mercy on me. This endometriosis thing cannot ravage me like this. Then God reminded me who He is. That He is King. I was wheeled into radiology yesterday and got two chest tubes added, i didn’t even realise it by the time they were done. God reminded me that this road won’t be easy. Infact it’s bound to be the hardest because relief is near. It is bound to be the hardest because healing is here. It is bound to be the hardest because the strongest women alive have fought crazy battles and won.

Njambi KOikai
My mom and sis have stood by me and I’m here to show both of them and the world that we can beat endometriosis.
I’m here to stand in strength for every other little girl in high school fainting due to this thing.
I’m here to remind that career woman whose dreams are on hold that they too can have their life back.
I’m this little girl ready to engage with my government leaders and women leaders to fund more research on this condition.”

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