Hon. Ngirici Wangui

Unruly Kirinyaga Women Rep Wangui Ngirici overlapping and assaulting motorists[VIDEO]

No one is above the law in Kenya. It doesn’t matter what high office you are under but rules of the road must be adhered to at all times.

In the video clip below, shows Kirinyaga Women Representative Wangui Ngirici having an altercation with a motorist after she tried overlapping to use the wrong lane of the road. The man in the clip is heard telling the Woman Rep. how she is a grown woman and needs to respect other road users. He also adds how she wanted to punch him yet she was the one on the wrong. It is a pity if this is the kind of leaders we have elected to serve us and yet they can not follow simple rules like following road regulations.

Is this what it means, once someone gets a seat in government? No respect whatsoever for those that put them in power?

Back in July, Activist Boniface Mwangi had once again refused to pave way for a VIP motorcade using the wrong side of the road in order to avoid traffic. The activist took to Twitter to air his reservation on what he termed as clear violation of the law.

“I only give way to ambulances and fire engines. I block entitled civil servants and politicians who love to use sirens to avoid traffic. As a taxpayer, l expect the people in these big cars to follow the law and work towards solving the perennial traffic jams,” wrote Mwangi on his Twitter page.

Man killed after driverless lorry rams into a matatu parked by the roadside

On May 2019, the inspector general of police issued a directive that will see a category of VIPs receive road clearance whenever they are using the road.

Category one includes the President, Deputy President, First Lady, Cabinet secretaries for Interior, Defense and Foreign Affairs and Principal Secretary for Interior.

Category two include Chief Of Defense Forces, service commanders, Inspector General of Police, deputy inspectors of Kenya Police and Administration Police while category three include speakers for National Assembly and the Senate and Majority Leader.

Category four include retired presidents and prime minister while category five include ambulances and fire brigade.

All other vehicles including the government ones were and are required to follow normal traffic procedures.

The Woman Rep. took to her Twitter to apologize, having learnt the lesson the hard way. She wrote, ” We must remind and correct each other whenever we go wrong or make mistakes.”

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