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United Nations to fly 193 flags half mast to mourn Ethiopian crash victims

The United Nations is among organizations whose employees died in the ill fated ET 302 plane crash yesterday, where 157 people died.

Taking to Facebook United Nations said that they would mourn the dead by flying their flags half mast.

“We know that there were a significant number of UN family colleagues on this morning’s Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, many heading for tomorrow’s opening of the UN Environment Assembly.

The Department of Operational Support is working to establish the full picture. Our thoughts are with the families of all affected and we will work with administration to make sure the necessary assistance is provided to them.

‘It is harrowing’ Kenyans mourn loved ones after Ethiopian airplane crash

United Nations mourns 19 employees in crashed ET 302 plane 
UPDATE: Based on TRIP and UN travel agencies, 19 staff are reported as having been on the flight.

However, the number may change once the flight manifest is released. Flags will be flown at half mast tomorrow.”


Below are condolence messages from the world to the late UN employees.

Pius Yapia Attandoh: Going for a conference in Nairobi only to not return alive?Hmmm….this life!!!
Our kind thoughts are with their families, and may their souls rest in peace.

Aslam Khan: Feeling very sad for the UN staff and other passengers death in the tragic flight. One on former colleague Bensen with OCHA Nairobi is included. Rest in peace and God bless their souls.

Chantal Fiaferana: Heartbroken RIP dear UN /family colleague . So sad 😢😢

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