Unbwogable producer Tedd Josiah ecstatic as daughter joins school

Tedd Josiah is excited and emotional at the same time as his daughter has joined school terming it as ‘leaving his hands.’

Jameela Wendo had been doing homeschooling but has now joined the traditional form of schooling that most Kenyans do.

He shared a photo of Wendo in school uniform and wrote;

“BOOM!!! Just like that, they are out of our hands, wanting to see the world, looking forward to friends, swimming, school, and other activities that don’t involve you!!! 💔💔💔💔”

We’ve successfully transitioned from infant, baby, toddler, home school and now we are in a REAL SCHOOL!!!
Time flies.”

He went on to thank his family for standing by him;

To all those aunties and uncles who’ve stood by us, prayed for us, been with us thru this journey this is ur win as much as it is ours! Thank u.”

The music producer has raised his daughter since the untimely demise of his wife Reginah Katar. He has kept his fans abreast of the growth of his daughter as fans have seen every step of the journey so far.

Revealing how he handled the loss, Josiah said in a past post that it gave birth to his bag collection, Joka Jok.

“A BABY GIRL  & BAGS  That’s how I got out of a dark dark moment in my life. Loss and death are tough on any human being and finding myself in a state of mourning that leads to a very dark depressive time almost threw my life off!

I’d lock myself in my room for hours sometimes from 8 am when the nanny walked into 7 pm when the nanny would leave.

And I’d only come out to take my baby back from the nanny and go out shopping only at night.

I knew something was wrong but wasn’t sure. Because I was silent and constantly posting on social media everyone thought I was doing great.”


“Not knowing that I’d lost my house, auctioneers were at my door.

I couldn’t afford my child’s diapers or formula & I was still grieving and slowly losing my mind because of the pressure of everything.

My solution was to take all that energy and use it for good.

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