Unapigana Compe Na Slay Queens! Fans Troll Bahati After Stepping Out In This Outfit (Photo)

Singer Bahati has won the hearts of many with his new song Ndogo Ndogo featuring David Wonder.

The hit song has brought fame to the two young men who do gospel music and all get to be interviewed almost daily just to perform the song.


Bahati is one person who young people emulate from his lifestyle, how he carries himself and his dress code.

His fans seem to be keen with whatever Bahati steps out in, in terms of dress code. This is not the first time fans are criticizing his mode of dressing because recently he was mocked for wearing a cap inside a church which the Bible is against.


Today it is another situation. Bahati stepped out in a floral shirt half unbuttoned, tight jeans and converse kicks. Bahati has always tried to be stylish and it has worked for him severally but this time, fans were not happy with how he dressed.

He stepped out going to a show on Ebru TV for an interview and his fans had very negative reactions after he posted the picture on his instagram page.


Here are some reactions from fans:

Benter: 😂😂😂😂 yaani diana alikubali utoke na hiyo trouser from the house???? Oooh and she blocked me I know she will definitely see this and block me😂😂😂😂

Eunnie: That trouser though @bahatikenya unapigana compe na slay queens😂😂😂

Billy: Bahaa hiyo toja joh……. Ungempa Diana.

Jim: Mbona unapenda kupose kama msichana

Jasymine:  aii hiyo trouser N nn haifungiki 😂😂😂

Dj capella: Unakaa girlish😂

Carey: Sasa wewe ndo mtu achana na wakupeana jacket watu wapigie picha….baha always😂😂😂

lobo: unakaa dem, navile una critisize machali wako ivo, sawa tu

Duke.of.nairobi: Unapozz ka dem 😂😂😂rip manhood

Clobenza: U look like my neighbours son😂😂4rm the 80is

Gloria: Hiyo pose inakaa kidemdem tu.. no hard feelings am ua #1 fan…. numero uno

Vin: This trouser and pose is a nooo nooo ..Aiiii too old for this shit

Janet: Nooo that trouser never wear it again like neeeever

unapigana compe na slay queens😂😂😂

V.jyms: That trouser is a nah!!!! More of ladies


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