Unakaa Umeekelewa Kichwa Kwa Mwili Ya Jirani! Comedian Mammito Trolled By Fans After Dyeing Her Hair White

Comedian Mammito has caught the attention of the internet after going blonde. Her new striking blonde look has left fans and followers with mixed feeling about it.

Mammito, also known has Eunice is a comedian who has proved to many that even ladies can be in the comedy industry. Her trademark short hair is just like that of Kenyan-Mexican born actress Lupita that we all can agree makes her different and unique in her on way. The short hair has left her stunning as always with her just being natural.

Life is all about trial and error and Mammito decided to give her hair a new look and the immediate response wasn’t probably what she hoped for. But then’s her hair, and as a celebrity if you choose to listen to haters online, their comments can really tear you down.

Mammito loves sharing photos of herself on Ig while updating fans on fun moments just like other Kenyan celebrities.

Here are photos she posted of her new hairstyle:





Here are mixed reactions from fans:

muleshe_: Unakaa umeekelewa kichwa kwa mwili ya jirani.. Hazimatch ata color

prhekens: That hairstyle mmhh is a No no…….

shiro_wa_kimani: U look bad that hairstyle is a no no

we_destiny: Gosh you look bad with that hairstyle

saisyakoth: Huyu mammito sasa nkt unakaa horror

luciewandu: Mammitto I don’t like the hair colour…black looks better on u

whitney.edward: If thats wats it takes to look lk that wen u go international I rather remain in africa gosh


moses_otumba: Your Head isn’t matching na mwili ulikopa ya jiranii

sevenstarr_chic: Lol hair color zingine sio za kila mtu ! But still my fav female comedian 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

khalai.968: Urembo ya mwanamke ni nywele hii yako aiiii 😷😷

juanita_marville: U hair colour is bad. woiiii change.

cornerfashionista: Aki hiyo nywele si itafanya mfanane na shosho yako ukifika ocha


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