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Umoinner sacco manager goes viral again matching his suits to face masks


James Mwangi became famous in 2019 after a BBC interview about his style. He revealed he owns over 160 suits, more than 200 shoes and 300 hats.

The man wears matching suits and shoes and everyone loved it.

The man who is also an Ummoinner matatu sacco manager, has once again captured the interwebs attention with his fashion sense.

He matches his suit to his shoe colors, and now has added face masks proving how versatile he is.

There are now 22 new pictures of his suits and literally everyone approves of it. See reactions below and the pictures:

The pens are killing me! What he about to write down.

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I just know his cologne strong as hell.

the glasses, the hat, the watch, the mask, the phone case…

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The way he stays matching the mask not just to the clothes but the phone case and pen, someone get this man in Harper’s Bazaar

The watches too. Every tiny detail. That’s dedication.

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It’s the phone cases for me

Can he make enough for a calendar?
“Drip or Drown 2021”

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I am loving how dapper he is! And the accessories too?!

Damn. Nothing else to say because this level of personal style is so literally stunning.

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