Umekuja kupick! How askaris treat regular vs luxury car drivers


The disrespect askaris have for small car owners has elicited similar responses from Nairobians.

If you drive a luxury car, do people treat y9ou differently? Twitter seems to think so in a heated discussion about how small car owners are subjected to different rules from big car drivers in Nairobi. The

Askaris have been put on the spotlight as among those who behave this way. The debate bnegan when Twitter ueser @misswaitiki told of her experience below:
@MissWaitiki....Went to the same building with a Mercedes and second time a Demio. The askaris at the gate really do treat you according to the car you’re driving. Demio hadi niliambiwa kuna time limit ya ku-park

Here are responses:

my car broke down last week. I arrived at work by nduthi na let me tell you…gari=heshima

Weeeeeuuh went to the same gate na Prado,second time an old probox weeeuuuh, I thought I had wronged them unknowingly

No lies detected!ssWaitiki
For the latter, “…are you dropping or picking?…”

Wait till you show up in an old pickup. Utapark nje

Same as bikes. Kuna those seen as Bodas that can’t enter malls unless deliveries and those that look like super bikes.

Lol true story. Fancy cars can get parking anywhere, ata statehouse.

Investment. I’ve always gotten admission hata the house on the bill. Mtu ni gari my fren. Hii Kanairo

Very true. Nilirukishwa Curfew juzi Gitanga road na Rangerover with my Brother-in-Law…The cop said “Madam naomba tujuane”

Happens to me a lot Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat, when I interchange my cars. askaris give me premium parking when I’m with a Benz otherwise nawekwa huko nyuma

full truth. Even fellow drivers on the road. Drove a kadudu then drove a 4*4….the amount of disrespect when you in a kadudu eish!

Juzi huko Naivasha WRC Rally nlinyimwa kuingia place ingine juu nlikuwa na Toyota NZE but watu wa magari kubwa walikuwa wanapita bila kuulizwa chochote bana

I have been asked by the askaris at my apt ‘……umekuja kupick?’

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