Eric Omondi with his mentor Chiurchill Ndambuki

Uliniokota ukaniosha! Comedian Eric Omondi celebrates Churchill on his birthday

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki is celebrating his 44th birthday today.

The godfather of comedy in Kenya took to his page to thank God for the new year.

Churchill attributed his journey and success to God and the fans who have held him all through.
“It’s my birthday today. Thanking Almighty God for His Grace in my life over the years. Thanks for being part of that journey too,” he wrote on social media pages.
Among those who wished him well on his birthday is Comedian Eric Omondi who referred to him as his mentor.
Eric narrated how grateful he is for Churchill who mentored him in the industry.
Churchill with Eric Omondi
Here is Eric’s message to Churchill;

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY FADHE🎂🎂🎂 There would be no Eric Omondi without you. Uliniokota pale Athi River Ukaniosha ukanionyesha Njia and I am Forever grateful Mwalimu. Wewe ndie ulinijenga. Lakini ile shida uliletea wakenya ni wewe tuta ku blame juu huyu mtoto wako ANASUMBUA NCHI NZIMA Siku nenda Siku Rudi. Happy BIRTHDAY. Wacha nikutafute tufanye ile kitu.”


Classic 105 wishes a happy birthday to Mwalimu Churchill.

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