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Ukiachwa achika please! Kingangi tells women who destroy property after breaking up

On the Friday morning conversation November 12, it was all about ladies who make a breakup difficult.

Maina Kageni cited the case of a Kenyan woman who last weekend burnt and damaged her mans property after he ended the relationship.

Mwalimu Kingangi told Maina that such women ‘hawaachiki’ and it’s tough for men out here.

Maina opened up the discussion to the audience to respond with their experience.

Men told Maina that women are envious of the ones who take their position and so makes breakup nasty.

“These women will use every opportunities to settle scores. Last year I bought a motorbike and my ex burned it and we broke up 17 years ago. Aliniambia unless nihame Kenya.”

Another said

Mimi Bora mtu aharibu kitu amenunua sina shinda.. lakini mimi kitu nmenunua woi let me not imajin.. acha kwanza niende mkutano .. great day bro!! #MainaAndKingangi
Ukiachwa achika … I don’t see any need of causing alot of Dramas,, tembea kwa Amani
Maina wangu aliuza everything last akatoroka know nko homeless


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