Ujinga haina tiba! Things Kenyans ignore that lands them in trouble

If there’s something you should be proud of, it’s being a Kenyan.

Kenyans are also referred to as vichwa ngumu (hardheaded) people. If it’s not following basic rules, we break the internet for the wrong reasons. With this said, there are things made for public use that Kenyans ignore to their peril.

1. Footbridges


Dear fellow Kenyan, in case you need classes to learn on how to use the foot bridge, please hit my line. Why is it hard to use them? We always have a way of running across the road recklessly like wild animals. The high number of pedestrians dying on the road can be blamed on us not making use of the footbridges. Can we all give a standing ovation to the few Kenyans who make use of these foot bridges.

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2. Pedestrian lanes

In Kenya, we don’t have the luxury of bicycle lanes. But you can use pedestrian lanes. Why do you have to make your way into the main road where matatus harass you?

walking lane

It’s obvious that a bicycle can navigate easily through traffic but that’s gambling with death. Swallow that pride and use the walking lane. But again, Kenyans are a busy lot for things that don’t add much value.

3. Parking lot

parking lot

The issue is how most of us don’t make use of the partitions. Ni kama hatukusoma Mazimatik. There will always be that guy who parks their car across two spots. My esteemed fellow Kenyans let’s be a bit civilized. Tunachoma picha aki!

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4. Zebra Crossing

It’s funny how a Kenyan will risk it all crossing a major road in undesignated areas yet a zebra crossing is a few meters away. We just can’t find the energy to walk to the zebra crossing area.

zebra crossing

Also to the drivers, slow down when you approach a zebra crossing. We too will buy ours soon. Heshima idumu!

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