Uhuru’s rejected house finally handed to father of disabled kids

A 58 year old man could not hide his joy when he was handed a fully equipped house by President Uhuru Kenyatta, after the intended family rejected it.

In a hand over ceremony led by Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Mongo Chimwaga, Charles Macharia, the RC said they identified the needy family yo take over the house located in Murunyu area, Bahati Constituency.

Macharia a casual labourer, who is usually paid less than Sh. 200 a day has six children of whom three are disabled said that that he thought it was a dream when he was approached by a section of Nakuru administrators on Friday.

“I do casual jobs to be able feed and raise my kids. However, I do very little because I spend most of the hours taking them to and fro school,” he said.

His wife of 27 years had abandoned the family due to the burden of raising the children with disabilities.

“I’m I still dreaming! Someone tell me the truth. I thank God for He is faithful. In have been praying to God to open ways so I can raise my lovely six children with more ease and for sure, He has kept His promise,” said the man who was smiling amid sobs of joy.

Macharia and his son

The man who had been housed by a Church because he couldn’t pay his rent coudn’t stop jumping allover the house.

“It is unfortunate that my wife abandoned me last year citing she couldn’t raise the kids anymore. I decided to stay behind despite their disabilities because I love them so much.

Despite their disabilities, for God knows why, I cannot do without them, not even go far for a day without seeing them because they are God’s gift,” narrated the man.

The house was meant for the family of Dennis Ngaruiya, currently a form four student who in 2014 presented a poem before President Kenyatta at 3KR barracks in Lanet.

The president couldn’t stop laughing as he recited the poem

Ngaruiya’s mother Damaris Wambuicane to the limelight last week after she declined to take the house saying that it was not up to the standards the President would have wanted them to get.

“We had to move to the new house but only to realise it was jot up to substandard#” claimed Wambui.

Wambui alleged that some statehouse officials who had been tasked with the construction of the house had shortchanged the family and built them a ‘house not worth to be a gift from the head of state.’

“That is not the gift the President meant for my son and I. It has cracks and looks more of a semi-permanent house. It was occupied before by a disabled person and was only refurbished,” Wambui told the press last week.

Source:The Star

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