Uhuru Kenyatta with his former teacher

Uhuru Kenyatta and Jeff Koinange meet their high school teacher after 35 years!

Uhuru Kenyatta has one of the widest smiles you will ever see. That is likely why his face makes some of the best memes you will ever find on the internet.

And yesterday, the 4th president had more reason to show off the meme-worthy smile after he met his high school teacher at State House. The news was shared by his distant cousin Jeff Koinange who showed off the pictures on his Instagram page. The JKLive host explained that they were meeting their history teacher, Zelia Pareira, for the first time after 35 years.

Uhuru and his guests at State House
Uhuru and his guests at State House

His caption read;

Guess who got to meet his former Saint Mary’s School History Teacher after more than 35 Years? That’s right, the President himself! We had a great time and a good laugh!! Thanks, Mrs Pereira for molding us to be WHO we are today! 

Uhuru Kenyatta with his former teacher
Uhuru Kenyatta with his former teacher

Pareira taught the two leaders of their respective fields History while they attended St Mary’s School, Nairobi. Uhuru has in the past admitted that history was his favourite subject. Some of the comments to the post are below;

antoneosoul Teachers are the best ❤️❤️❤️
mwauambrose Ata President alisoma History 🤔
weru_j Who else read this in Jeff’s voice? 🤣🤣

Jeff Koinange has previously revealed an interesting character of President Uhuru Kenyatta during their early childhood days.

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In an interview with Kiss 100 presenter in 2016, the journalist revealed how the President at once bullied him at St Marys School in Nairobi where they schooled together.

Uhuru and his guests at State House
Uhuru and his guests at State House

Mr Koinange recalled how Kenyatta harassed him in the school bus, hitting him on the head an action commonly known as ‘ngoto‘. “Boss Uhunye alinihanda ndani ya mini-bus ya shule bwana (Uhuru used to bully me inside the school mini-bus). Can you imagine that he is now the President,” Mr Koinange revealed to Mote while illustrating the action.

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