‘Ugly men we Perform!! You will never touch yourself again I promise’ Obinna to Vera after she aired Otile Brown’s dirty laundry

Days after Vera Sidika took to social media to embarrass Otile Brown on how poor his bedroom skills were, comedian Obinna has come to her aid.

The help Obinna is offering is not in monetary terms. He is offering to give her an unforgettable experience between the sheets to compensate for all the ‘tough’ times she went with the ‘Baby Love’ hit maker.

Obinna penned a message to the socialite-cum-singer saying that he is ugly but he can perform. He further adds that he has everything going for himself, a car, house and a career.

Exposed here is the information Vera has leaked about Otile Brown’s bedroom skills

He wrote that:

“The rest of you sleep if and when you wanna.
Vee you know where to find me and you have my number.
You will never touch yourself again I promise.🙈
Let me redeem for boy child. I bought my own Rolex,I always pay for my Own Music Videos that don’t get played🤣😂,Drive my Own Small Cars so I won’t reck yours,I have a house so I won’t over stay at yours, And when it comes to EATING I eat EVERYTHING!!!lol (edibles and non edibles)🙈
Ugly men we Perform!! 🤣🤣🙈🙈


We can only wait and see if Vera accepts the offer.

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