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Ugandan MP Bobi Wine arrested at airport on way to US for medical treatment

Ugandan police on Thursday arrested Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulani aka Bobi Wine at the Entebbe international airport.

Bobi and another legislator Francis Zaake were held as they were trying to leave the country to seek treatment abroad.

They were heading to the US for treatment following the injuries they suffered while being tortured by the security forces.


Allegations that Kyagulanyi and Zaake were tortured triggered widespread protests in Kampala and other parts of the country.

The two were among a group of five lawmakers that were detained on August 13 in Uganda’s northwestern town of Arua.

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They were accused of throwing stones at President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy during the campaign for a vacant seat in parliament.

Museveni, in power since 1986, has repeatedly been accused by his opponents of rights abuses and widespread use of security personnel to suppress opposition to his rule.

He denies that his government carries out abuse,According to a tweet by Ugandan Police Bobi was fleeing the country that is why they apprehended him.

“The Uganda Police halted the departure of Robert Kyagulanyi at Entebbe International Airport.Given the fact that he is on bail, the police is concerned and await for guidance from the relevant government department.”

In a separate statement on Thursday police said they had also found Zaake at Entebbe early on Thursday, “trying to flee the country and accordingly apprehended him.”

Kyagulanyi in particular has emerged as a formidable threat to Museveni’s 32-year rule, winning popular support through his music and strong criticism of the government.


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In the days after the lawmakers were detained, allied politicians and relatives said the two were tortured and both needed to be taken outside the country for specialised medical care.

Kyagulanyi, who has been charged with treason alongside several others for his role in the stoning incident, used crutches in court appearances.

He was transported in an ambulance at times. His supporters say he was beaten with a metal bar while in detention.

Zaake has not been charged but has been at a hospital in Kampala, with images of him posted on social media showing him lying on a bed, eyes closed, with multiple bruises on his hand and other body areas.


Police said he was taken to the country’s national referral hospital in Kampala where he would be treated under custody.

He would be charged “at an appropriate time” with offences from the stoning of the presidential convoy.

Bobi’s wife Barbie condemned the use of violence by police during the legislator’s arrest.

She said the MP has a medical report from Lubaga hospital recommending urgent medical treatment abroad.


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Posting on her facebook page Barbie said

“He told me that as soon as they closed the ambulance doors, he was again brutally beaten in front of a government doctor.They switched off the lights in the ambulance and started battering him! Bobi is now back in pain and he is dumped at Kirudu hospital.There is something we’re not getting. By denying him access to medical treatment, do they need him disabled for life?” she asked.”

She also strongly objected to state doctors forcefully trying to administer treatment or draw samples from the MP.

“The same people who have acquiesced in torturing him cannot be trusted with his body,” she quipped.

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