Types Of Women You Need To Avoid

The dating pool is filled with different kinds of people, from the kind soul, the freak, the “mama kanisa”, virgin Mary, the psycho to the drama queen. While looking for that woman who will rock your world, you need to understand that everyone is different. With that in mind, you should also avoid certain types of women for you to have a peaceful relationship.

Here are some of the women you need to avoid at all cost:

Madam clingy: This has got to be one of the worst types of woman you will want to be around, let alone date officially. Filled with insecurity and jealousy, she will not let you have a peace of mind. She will be possessive and will want to mark her territory. Unfortunately you will only realize this once deep into the relationship because in most cases we ignore the signs.


Madam “guess what’s on my mind” : This type of woman will expect you to read her mind all the time. In fact she will constantly “test” how well you know her to see if you really love her and often gets offended if you get it wrong. You are expected to be a mind reader, and we all know men don’t like guessing!

The chatter box : There is talk and then there is too much talk. This kind of woman will talk about any and everything both relevant and otherwise. While being talkative isn’t a bad thing, men don’t like people who cannot listen or respect that a conversation should allow both parties to voice their opinions. You can’t be the host and the guest at the same time.


Madam Independent: A woman who has made it in life and career and seems to have it all plus everything going on will be an automatic threat to a man. She also takes equality more than seriously. However, they will still approach her, but the problem comes when she treats the man like she doesn’t need him and has everything covered. Hallo “feminists”

Madam Perfect – This is the batch of women that think they are everything and you should be honored that they considered you. They will make you worship the ground they walk on because they are simply doing you a favor by being in your presence.


Madam Me, Me, Me – These women looove themselves, they are confident, beautiful, radiant and much more simply because they know and have accepted who they are. This makes them the best to approach because they are the perfect “chase”. The problem comes when she switches from sweet to B#$%& real quick. She likes things to be about her, it’s a relationship but not a team effort because she comes first and in most cases she can become emotionally distant because she shields herself from being hurt.

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