Types of colleagues that exist in every workplace

Don’t even try and deny you are not one of these described below.

Go through and silently pick out your type:
1.Those who always talk loudly on phone. Nini husumbua hawa?

2. Those who always asks for small loans and don’t return on time

3. Those who have tons of pictures and personal items on their desk

4. The one who is always feeling cold..

5. What about the person who is always doing the very bare minimum amount of work in order to not be fired?

6. And the one who always arrives late and/or takes too long at lunch but nobody ever says anything.

7. The disgusting one – never cleans up after themselves, or washes hands in the restroom.The guy who will never use the dustbin. Oh, we have one like these. These type annoy the cleaning ladies.

8. The one who constantly talks about their children

9. The one who wears headphones around the office to avoid conversation. Talks to no one, uninviting in general.

10. The sports stat guy(or guys), who seem to say nothing that’s not numbers or names of people or teams.

11. The one with the drinking problem.

12. The nice quiet one

13. The strange quiet one. Oh yes, they creep us out so we all stay hush hush about them.

14. The women that looks like a model.

15. What about the one that never shuts up and overshares, or has a comment for everything? UGH, makes it hard to focus.

16. The Idiot. the guy you can’t believe got hired let alone manages to keep his job despite the obvious lack of more than 3 brain cells.

17. The one who is OBSESSED by reality TV shows and who cannot for the life of them understand how anyone isn’t interested in the same shows they watch, especially Nairobi diaries or Sue and Johnnie. They also cannot understand how them constantly talking about such shows annoys anybody who doesn’t watch them either.

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