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Type of leaders during the coronavirus pandemic


To be frank, we’ve had enough talk about the coronavirus pandemic. It’s getting monotonous to see news all day regarding the virus.

However, we have no option but to keep up with what’s happening, to curb its spread.

With the virus causing havoc the world over, we have seen the types of “leaders” we have as a nation and the world all over.

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1. Generous

There are the purely generous leaders. They have gone out of their way to donate medical equipment and food items. One such leader has to be China’s richest man, Alibaba owner, Jack Ma. He donated testing kits and masks to Kenyans. The shipment landed on Kenyan soil about two weeks ago. Such acts of kindness goes a long way for a developing country such as Kenya.

2. Opportunists

These are the leaders who are using this pandemic to do pure PR stunts. They are busy donating tanks and sanitizers with their names and faces patched on the front of the donated stuff. They make sure the media is present. How else will their “good deeds” be known nationwide. It’s ironical that all the issues they couldn’t address in the past are what they are gladly solving now. But again, isn’t that not Kenyans’ undoing.

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3. Smart leaders

How a leader is handling this Coronavirus pandemic shows a lot about his leadership skill. Every solution they offer goes a long way to ascertain their soberness. Great leadership plays a major role in how a country handles this pandemic. Smart leaders are seen coordinating the existing public and private systems in harmony and the numbers are dropping drastically. How smart is your leader? Or where does he lie in the above mentioned groups?

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