Here are the type of campus friends we relate with daily

We are social beings. We need friends who we can always rely on and to also pass time with. We relate with friends of different character and temperament. Here are some of the characters they might portray:

1. Geeks
They have high intelligence levels and easily finds a way around something hard to solve. They look confused most of the time and are always in weird pair of glasses. They have a terrible fashion sense but that’s ok. Their wardrobe consists of faded, baggy or mismatching. They top in class and are easily made the class reps.
2. Drunkards
They drink to the last dime. They are the type that never misses any school bash. They siphon the methanol available in the lab and create their own concoction. They literally burn their lungs to the last piece.
The trouble with being in their company is that they easily start trouble anywhere they show up and can easily black out. The responsibility is getting them back home safely. We’d say they have blood in their alcohol system.
3. Instagram babies
Every bit of their life is for the public domain. They don’t shy away from showing the world their private life. They are obsessed with the flashy life. How they are able to service that lifestyle, I don’t want to delve into that. They live the life we all aspire to.
4. Cool kids
They are the guys that walk around in pair of shorts. They come to school driving in high ends machines. If you want to know about the latest tech gizmo, these are the guys you need to look for. They throw money around like loose change. They walk in packs and you can always feel that you are not welcome.
cool kids
5. Fashionista
They are trendy but mostly lack style. They are into the latest fashion statement. You find them in shouting outfits and hair styles. They are the type that keep asking for a person’s opinion about the outfit they are in. They love the attention.

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