Tyler Perry to ‘kill off’ Madea character with tenth film

After amassing $500M worldwide starring as Mabel Earlene ‘Madea’ Simmons in 10 films and 10 plays, Tyler Perry has decided to bid farewell to the fictional 87-year-old grandmother-of-five for good.

‘It’s time for me to kill that old b****. I’m tired, man! I’m tired,’ the 49-year-old movie/TV mogul said on Bevy Smith’s SiriusXM show on Monday.

‘We gonna say goodbye in ’19. I just don’t want to be her age playing her.’

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The New Orleans-born, Atlanta-based showrunner masterminded Madea as a ‘PG version’ of his mother and aunt back in 2009, and she’ll be put to rest a decade later in A Madea Family Funeral hitting theaters March 1.

Tyler (born Emmitt) is arguably one of the hardest working men in show business creating plays, TV shows, and movies out of his 330-acre former military base, Tyler Perry Studios.

The Acrimony director just produced, wrote, and directed catfish dramedy Nobody’s Fool – starring Tiffany Haddish and Whoopi Goldberg – which hits US theaters this Friday and UK theaters November 23.

The Vice actor also reportedly keeps busy raising his son Aman – turning 4 next month – with his partner since 2009, Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele.



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