Nyandarua couple dies under suspicious circumstances

Two love birds from Gituamba village in Mirangine Sub-county, Nyandarua aged 40 and 57 respectively have died under suspicious circumstances.

Samuel Mwangi Kamau, 57, and Lucy Mugure Matu, 40, died on Wednesday night after a drinking spree at Makara shopping Centre in Mirangine.

Their families maintain they died after consuming killer brews  a pub at Makara, while authorities maintain there could be more than just alcohol.

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Peris Matu, on Thursday said her sister, Lucy Matu is a habitual drunkard, and always travel about 2.5Km to Makara for a drink. She said on Wednesday it appeared the mother of three consumed something other than what she is used to.

Her sister was brought home by some people in critical condition. They rushed her to Nakuru provincial General Hospital but she was pronounced dead.

She said after returning home, in the morning they got reports that Kamau was found dead outside Club Rockers at Makara shopping Centre.

Kamau’s younger brother, Stephen Kariuki, said although his brother is a habitual drunkard,but his drinking behavior has deteriorated since Sunday.

He said he appeared like someone who had gone mad and even sold all his maize to drink.

Some people however suspect the couple, who always drunk together were poisoned, or one of the two poisoned the other before committing suicide.

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Kamau was found with a pesticide, Duo dip, which is used to control tick in his pocket.

Some people say he may have poisoned his drunk lover before consuming the same poison.Matu’s nephew, David Matu, however believe the poison could have been planted on Kamau to conceal the truth.

Area Chief, Peter Juma, confirmed that the chemical was found in Kamau’s pocket. But he did not say more.

Mirangine deputy county commissioner, Omar Ali, said it is “alleged the two died under unknown circumstances”.

He said investigation has been launched, adding that autopsy will reveal what really killed the two, and only then the authorities would give comprehensive report.

Residents said alcohol consumption in the area has become too much and is sold from as early as 6am.They urged the government to intervene to avert more alcohol related deaths.

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