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If my twerking and arrogance has made you angry…-Read Akothee’s hilarious message to God

Trust Akothee to see the humour in life despite the dire situation that the country has been undergoing recently. Yesterday, the singer excited fans after she made a hilarious prayer to God asking him to forgive her if her twerking and being arrogant had annoyed him.

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The award winning singer went on to request God to find a place in his kingdom to receive her because she was his child.

“Lord ! on this Sabbath day, if it’s my twerking and arrogance that has made you Angry or some other sins that I might have assumed, please find a place in your Kingdom to receive me, just as I am your Child. Please Lord delete their memories so they stop reminding me whatever I did in 1900, and walk me through the New pathway 🙏🏾🙏🏾 AMEN 🙏🏾🙏🏾” read her post.

Akothee on the beach
Akothee on the beach

Her post was well-received with many sharing a light-hearted moment in her comment section. One thing I like about Madam Boss’ way of doing things is that despite the ravages that covid19 is doing around the world (including Kenya!) she still finds a way to smile and in turn make people smile.

Just last week she and Eric Omondi joked about having a baby together. Akothee had told the popular comedian Eric that it was not yet time for them to have a baby after Eric told her that they needed to have one.

“We need a baby of ours baby, just one ❤” read Eric’s plea.

“@ericomondi bado wewe ❤️❤️❤️” read Akothee’s response.

Akothee dancing with Eric Omondi
Akothee dancing with Eric Omondi

I think a baby between the two would be a ball of joy and energy in motion!

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