TV Personality Lola Hannigan Leaves Men Drooling After Rocking Super Short Pants

Former KTN presenter Lola Hannigan is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s hottest media personalities. The gorgeous, down to earth and strikingly beautiful, just like her mother.

This has made her life even more interesting, as whenever she goes out with her mom, they both turn heads.

“It’s really difficult to take my mum anywhere because everyone stares, even my friends are like ‘Dayuum’. Some of them even call her a goddess. But it’s something I’ve gotten used to and I can’t get mad. In fact, if anything, I’m more happy because they recognise her beauty and we’re really close and do right about everything together. It’s good to have that kind of mother-daughter relationship and we can talk about everything,” she revealed in an April 2017 interview with The Star.

When it comes to fashion, she is a shopaholic. The beauty has admitted to hoard so many pairs of heels, which is definitely a dream fro many Kenyan young girls.

“Heels. I have over 60 pairs yet I haven’t even counted my flat shoes and ballerinas. I don’t mind spending big on a good pair. Moreso, it’s usually hard to find my shoe size, so I end up shopping for plenty abroad,” she admitted in an interview with Mediamax late last year.

Fast forward to 2017, the beauty queen is still slaying and doing it hard. Just yesterday, she rocked an ultra short pair of colorful pants, a branded tee and flat sandals.

Lola Hannigan Showers Her Stunning Mom With Beautiful Birthday Wishes

She was on a Pizza date and man, she had guys confused on whether to choose the meal or her.


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