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Tutawezana Na Yeye Kweli? Julie Gichuru Hangs Out And Takes Selfies With Wonder Woman Actress

I was there to see it happen. Actually, I also got to take a selfie with actress Connie Nielsen, who stars as Gal Gadot’s on screen mum in both Wonder Woman and Justice League.

She is the fierce leader of the Amazons in both films, who live in a fairytale-esque realm, which is closed off from the real world by a mysterious shield.

julie g

Anyways, Julie Gichuru hosted the stellar, award winning actress for a show at the Capital Club yesterday. The event was thronged by diplomats, media executives, entrepreneurs and the wealthy. Notable were the Chandaria family and former Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe.

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The actress is in the country to check on her Human Needs Project, an initiative that seeks to empower young people in Kibera to get employability skills. She came across as sweet, humble and a super busy woman.

Despite being a mother of five and always on the plane, she still finds time to come to Kiberat to help the needy. The project has a town centre with an ICT school and a burgeoning community of learners, teachers and supporters. Millions of shillings were raised yesterday to support her cause.

This is the selfie moment I am talking about:


Don’t they look so good together?

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