Harmonize and Frida Kajala

‘Tunatoa uchafu shingoni’ Fridah Kajala covers up Harmonize’s tattoo


Harmonize’s ex girlfriend Fridah Kajala shared a video in a tattoo parlor covering up a regrettable tattoo of singer Harmonize.

This comes months after Harmonize also covered up her initial tatooed on his neck.

Kajala and her daughter Paula can be heard in a video discussing hoe she is finagling getting rid of that ‘dirty’ tattoo from her neck.

Paul, the daughter says the words as Fridah the mother agrees.

When Harmonize and Kajal started dating hey got coordinating tattoos H and K on their necks with each others initials printed. But after the fall out over intimate video leak, Harmonize rushed to get rid of Kajala’s memory.


He reorganized the tattoo K to make it Konde Gang, the name of his record label.

Dear Classic 105, bae inspired tattoos can become a problem when the relationship sours, so it’s important to think things through before getting that ink job done.

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