Tumechoka: This is why 99% of Kenyans who file for divorce are women

A report from the Chief Kadhi’s court shows 99 per cent of people who file for divorce are women.

Most of the cases are on grounds of maintenance, where the husband no longer takes care of his wife and children.

The other is desertion, where the man just walks out on his family and his whereabouts are unknown.

Kenya’s Chief Kadhi Ahmed Mohdhar said divorce cases these days have increased because people have renounced the culture of getting advice on marriage responsibilities before making this important commitment. Speaking on Wednesday he said in the past, culture guided people and they were trained on the importance of marriage.

Mohdhar said a third of people who get married get divorced.

The Chief Kadhi said some divorces are brought about by the perception that marriage is just about the wedding day celebrations.

“People should not have the perception that marriage is only the wedding, which involves partying. They have to be told that it is a long-term commitment,” he said.

Mohdhar said divorce hurts children and pushes some of them to crime. “A child raised by a single parent is not the same as the one raised by both parents,” he said.

Mohamed Suleiman, a Mombasa Kadhi, said to save marriages, Kenya should adopt Indonesia’s approach to pre-marriage counselling.

“In Indonesia, when one is about to get married, they are taken for a one-month training,” he said.

This, Suleiman said, helps couples know their responsibilities and reduces divorce cases.

He said divorces have increased at about the same rate as marriages.

Some rare divorce cases filed in the Kadhis’ Court, include those on the ground of lack of sexual satisfaction in marriage.

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