Try this cake recipe for your family this weekend

This is the easy way to make make the best home made cake.


4 eggs

500 g  blue band

1 cup of wheat flour

500 ml milk

1 cup of sugar

Icing sugar

Food color


Break the eggs and pour them in a bowl and mix them till the color changes. Add sugar to the bowl mix till the crystal melt. Add blue band to the mixture and mix till the mixture is fine.

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Pour wheat to the mixture and stir till well mixed then add milk to the mixture and stir till the mixture is fine ready to be baked. Take a cooking pot and apply blue band on it and sprinkle some wheat flour to prevent the mixture from sticking on it.


Bake the cake for 30 mins with regulated amount of heat till well cooked.

Mix icing sugar with blue band, food color and milk when ready decorate to your desire. Serve when cool.

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