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Truly Freaky: KOT amazed by how similar Pastor Burales ‘twin’ looks

Pastor Robert Burale has found his doppleganger who happens to be celebrating his birthday.

The fella is literally that a- a twin. Don’t believe me see below.

Male Geek Fashion as he calls himself on social media is a male fashion guru who currently resides in the US.

Robert Burale wrote

Help me wish my twin brother @malefashiongeek a happy birthday. Bro May God continue blessing you big time.

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male fashion geek
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Robert Burale

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 From their physical appearance to their style in fashion, the two doppelgangers could be pass to be twins

In as much as KOT noticed the similarities, some are sure that they are indeed twins.

Some of his fans went ahead to say,

estherwambogowambogo: Happy birthday Burale’s look alike.Enyewe hapa uchunguzi yaitajika.Like seriously.Some old man somewhere knows the truth imagine.

evalynkaranja: Is he married😄

chuchu_gati: Thought it was you.. HBD to him

jahsteeen: Happy birthday to both of you. Normally twins share a birth date

annitahraey: Lord thought its you 😍😍😍 Happy birthday to him

martinsanthonio: Ghai I thought it is you 🤷‍♀️anyway happy birthday to him 😘

His twin was not left back in the comment section,

malefashiongeek : Thank you so much My Twin Bro!! Blessings bro!! Love and appreciate you always man!!🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👊🏿👊🏿✌🏿


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